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We need more babies in infantry schools, damnit!

A recent discussion class focused on the lack of nursery schools in Japan, which is often cited as a major reason for Japan's declining birthrate. One man -- a new father -- was particularly vocal about the issue, but he kept confusing infant with infantry.

"Japan's lack of infantry schools is making us weak!" he thundered forth.

I'm quite sure the prime minister agrees with him.

Leaf worship

Today I fell in love with leaves at a shrine. I stole one and took it home ... and realized it has exactly the same colours as the Bedouin carpet I bought in Egypt seven lifetimes ago.

A whiter shade of pale

I have become used to the confusion I cause in Japan, but this week delivered a new highlight. Student: Where are you from?
Me: South Africa.
Student: Africa?
Me: Yes.
Student: Is your country very cold?
Me: Cold? No! Africa! Why?
Student: Because your skin is very pale. Which is the roundaboutest way yet of asking but why aren’t you black if you’re from Africa? Wait. It gets better. This specific student is a university lecturer. One would assume a certain level of knowledge about the world. One would be wrong.