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Shopping? Meh. Let's rather go grave-crawling.

I'm not normal. Not in any way, but especially not compared to your average Japanese personage.
I've taught hundreds of students, and I don't know of one who's gone to London without visiting Harrods. The female of the species inevitably spends a full day at the store, and regards it as the highlight of the trip. Just last week I talked to a father who's taking his daughter (a university student) to London. Their holiday is 5 days: 2 days travelling, 3 days in London. Day 1: Harrods. Day 2: some Harry Potter theme park thing somewhere. Day 3: shopping for omiyage. Then back to Tokyo. I give up. What's the point of a tour like that?
Neither has one student ever praised London's food, which is, to the Japanese palate, the worst in the world.

Reads books. Peruses websites. Stares at maps. Considers limited time. Harrods? Meh. Let's rather go to Highgate Cemetery.
Reads more books. Peruses further websites. Drools over maps. Considers limited time. Cheese ch…

One might deduce ...

... that my priorities have changed slightly.

Rapunzel becomes Samson

Yesterday I cut off my hair. I went from long flowing Rapunzel locks to a pixie cut. It's 60% liberation, 40% "oh shit I've lost myself".
Random additional information follows:
Yes, it's a big deal. Any woman who's gone from long to short will confirm that.
I've always had more brains than beauty, but my hair is an exception: fine, soft, wavy, gold-brown with natural sun-bleached stripes. I have a lot of hair. A lot. It was my signature, especially here in Tokyo. It was exceptionally easy to meet anybody in a busy public space, even somebody who'd never seen me before. "I'm the one with the hair." "Heh?" "Don't worry. You'll see me."

So why did I cut it?
1) Comfort zone. Always, always, break out.
2) Bored.
3) It's a glorious, defiant, "up yours!" celebration of middle age. Long hair is a sign of youth, fertility, desirability, blablabla. Older women are expected to cut their hair and take care…