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A happy Hachiko, reunited with his owner

I'm not going to retell the story of Hachiko. Does anybody NOT know it? Impossible. What may be news -- though it received a lot of publicity -- is that Hachiko has been reunited with his owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, in a new statue that can be seen at the University of Tokyo, where Ueno was a professor of agricultural engineering.

Here's an excerpt from an Asahi article:
The statue, which depicts Hachiko jumping up to greet Ueno, who is extending his hand to pat the dog, stands about 1.9 meters high and weighs about 280 kilograms. It is located near the main gate of the campus for the university’s Faculty of Agriculture in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward.The university faculty had started the project to bring the Akita breed dog and his owner together in a memorial statue. Faculty members have solicited donations from individuals and companies since last year and collected more than 10 million yen ($83,000).Hachiko is believed to have patiently waited for his owner’s return from work every day…

The suddenest, shortest sakura season

I need to get my act together and write, but it would really help if I could have either three parallel lives or 27 hours a day or damnit Ru stop finding excuses and start writing.
So. It's Easter in Tokyo – not that the city is aware of the fact, or cares in the least, and why should it? – and I'm enjoying a rainy Sunday at home while listening to Hildegard von Bingen. Surely that's what angel choirs sound like?
My original plan to go the Kawasaki's infamous fertility festival today was cancelled due to rain, and I can't say I'm devastated because I couldn't go dickpeditioning. It gives me a chance to relax – probably my last such opportunity for the next four months, since university classes start next week – and write a bit about this year's cherry blossom season.

It was the suddenest, shortest one I've experienced in my ten years in Tokyo. It started early due to fairly warm weather, burst into full bloom and barely a week later was blown to bi…