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The enchanted red forest of Sokō-in

In September 2011 I had my first close encounter with the flower of the dead, also known as higanbana or red spider lily. In September 2012 I wrote a post about higanbana (red spider lily) entitled "flower of loss and longing". In September 2013, while the red flowers bloomed at graves, my mother passed away. In September 2014 I went for a walk in yet another enchanted red forest, partly for myself, partly for my mother. She loved flowers.

I was too busy to go as far as what is arguably the best higanbana spot in Japan, Kinchakuda in Saitama, but Sokō-in (祖光院), a temple in Matsudo in Chiba, provides a more than adequate alternative.
I've written so many posts about higanbana that there isn't much more to say, and Sokō-in itself is a small temple that doesn’t offer any tempting historical titbits; just its small but magnificent forest.
The flowers are already past full bloom, but you could still catch their last gasp.
Take the Joban Line from Ueno, change at Matsudo to th…


Dear everyone

I'm going to put this blog on hiatus for a while due to a demanding work schedule. I will probably maintain a presence on Google+, but Blogger and Twitter will have to take a break, and I won't be able to visit your blogs as I used to do.

Continue writing, be happy, eat chocolate every day! I'm not going to launch into a goodbye-and-thanks speech, because the nomad will probably come traipsing over your horizon one day when you don't expect it, and we'll go for a walk through those red torii ...