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Three letters

Dear customer

Your Skype Credit will become inactive in 7 days. You don't seem to have used any of your Skype Credit in a while. It becomes inactive if you haven't used it in 180 days. But don't worry - once it becomes inactive, you can reactivate it whenever you're ready to use it. Simply sign into your account online and follow the option to Reactivate credit.
- Call any phone (landline or mobile) - even if the call lasts for just one second.
- Send an SMS message direct from Skype.
- Purchase a personal Skype Number, subscription or voice messages using your Skype Credit.

Best regards,

Dear Skype

I'm aware of the fact that I no longer use my account. Unfortunately I can't reactivate the only reason why I ever had one: to call my mother. It's her birthday today. Or rather, it would have been her birthday if she'd been at home in Kleinmond, waiting for my call.

Would you like me to call her retirement home and hang up as soon as recep…

The real-life shrines of Sailor Moon, Part 2

This is an update of a Sailor Moon post I wrote two years ago. I'm resurrecting it, because as all true fans would know, a new series called Sailor Moon Crystal was released last month. (I've repeated some of my original content, but I've included new photos.)
I quote from Den of Geek: "Sailor Moon Crystalis the long awaited reboot of theSailor Moonanime franchise. The 26-episode series is a retelling of the Dark Kingdomarc, the first and most iconic storyline of the metaseries, in which Sailor Moon and the four Guardian Senshi (Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus) fight the evil forces of Queen Beryl, who seeks to claim the Earth in the name of her master, the powerful demonic entity known as Metalia."
I'm not going to do an in-depth analysis of the series, since I'm not a manga expert at all, but I can share the real-life locations that play such a big part in this massive hit. (I've read only one manga in my entire life, …

A ribbishing adventure in Nagano

"It's my destiny," I thought as I tumbled down. "It's my fate to be felled by a parasol."
My second thought was about my camera. "Protect it! Hold it up! Raise your arms!"
Then I hit the ground a meter and a half below me, ribs first. Grunted inelegantly. Checked that my camera was OK. Wriggled my toes. Realized I couldn't breathe, gritted my teeth, muttered "I'mfromAfrica", scrambled up and scowled at the parasol bearer who was now having hysterics above me.
I kept walking, because that's what barbarians do: we keep going. It wasn't until four hours later that I finally admitted that something was wrong.
Final verdict: two cracked ribs, booked off for a few days, will return to normal my pre-fall condition in three to possibly six weeks.

That's the short version. Here's the longer one, also known as The Chronicles of Ribbish: The Lioness, The Twitch and the Rib Cage, written by Ms Ribbet McRib.
Last week I went …

It was a dark and stormy night

When I was asked to write about writing, I thought it would be easy. I was wrong. It's precisely because writing is as automatic to me as breathing that it's unexpectedly difficult to describe the process.
I was tagged by Kaori via Miwa to answer these four questions:
1) What am I writing or working on? 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 3) Why do I write what I do? 4) How does my writing process work?
Hokay, 'ere we go.

What am I writing?
I write a lot and edit more, and sometimes I even get paid for it, but let's focus on Le Petit Blogue in this post. I'm usually working on several scribbles at any given moment. "Yes," I respond to a chorus of disbelief, "I know I'm not posting as often as before, but my head remains as active as ever."

1) Hiking, horse-riding and cracking two ribs in Nagano. (I didn't fall off a horse. I fell off … Wait. We'll get there. Eventually.)
2) A temple where you can pray for help again…