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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cat thingummies in Yanaka

I love Yanaka because Yanaka loves cats. I'm not sure why there are so many cat-related doodads in this suburb, but apparently the area is well-known for its stray felines (possibly because it has so many trees, temples and cemeteries where cats can roam freely), and that's why the residents have adopted cats as their unofficial symbol.

If you love cats, or want to spoil a cat-lover with cat presents, I recommend Neco Action. Delightful.

All these photos were taken in Yanaka. Click on the photos to see bigger versions.


  1. Cute kitties overload!

    Thank you for not making me homesick. *muahs*

  2. Anything to please m'lady! I bet there are plenty of cats in Malaysia, too, but ... are they as cute?! ;)

  3. Thank you for this post. I love cats but did not know about Yanaka. Are there as many stray cats in South Africa, BTW? I always ask people about cultural differences surrounding cats. In the US, stray cats are taken off the streets.

  4. StarBrooke, South Africa has stray cats, dogs, donkeys, elephants ... I'm exaggerating, but just a bit. We do have lots of stray domestic animals, including farm animals that cause serious accidents on roads. The SPCA does its best, but as far as I know, most animals are simply left to fend for themselves. :(

  5. That's interesting! I'm not sure whether it's better to take cats off the streets or let them run free. I can imagine that a whole lot of stray domestic animals would cause problems, but the cats on the streets in Japan are happy, as far as I can tell.

  6. StarBrooke, I'm not sure either. Let them run free, I guess, provided there's enough food to be found/caught and the weather conditions aren't too extreme. Those conditions apply to SA, generally speaking.

    Japan's stray cats do look healthy. I get the impression that residents provide cat charity via food in parks. Here in my neighbourhood, there's a homeless man who's adopted several stray cats. I see them almost every day, enjoying each other's company in a sunny spot in a small residential park. :) The poor shall give and the rich shall take, and thus is life.

  7. @Rurousha,
    Yes, we have plenty of cats running around here. Dogs too. Monkeys. In my hometown - there probably be a wild boar or two. xD

    But cuteness? Now, how can anyone compete with Japanese when it comes to cuteness? Well, Koreans probably could. ;p

  8. Monkeys and wild boars? Both can be a bit dangerous, huh? We have baboons in SA, and the males can be very aggressive. Huge vampire fangs.

    Korea? No no no and no. There is only one kingdom of cute, and that is Hello Kitty's home! :p

  9. @Rurousha,
    Korea has Pororo The Little Penguin. kakaka

    Korean cuteness comes in form of cute guys! LOL

  10. Lina, you've just increased the cuteness factor in my life exponentially. I didn't know about Pororo! Further exploration on YouTube is definitely required.

    PS: Whenever I go "awww!" when I see such characters, I wonder whether I should consider psychotherapy for my arrested mental/emotional development ...

  11. How cute. I didn't know that. Yanaka is good downtown in Tokyo.

  12. Hi, Cocomino! Have you returned from Okinawa? I hope we see lots of photos soon! :)

    Yanaka is probably my favourite shitamachi neighbourhood. I love walking through its streets.

  13. Cats are so mysterious. I had no idea there were so many cats to be found in Shitamachi ;D

  14. Kaori, Yanaka is a cat's paradise. Even the strays look plump and content, and they allow you to pet them. I know it's not Shinjuku, but you should take your camera for a visit! ^^

  15. Love the cat on the bicycle. And all the other kitties, of course. Happines is.

    1. You and your cats would be so happy living in Yanaka! Not many coffee shops, though, but lots of traditional tea shops! ;)


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